Bad Candy Boutique

the Bad Candy Boutique is an online clothing store which features brands, designers, couture, latest styles, trends etc…

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To apply to become a sales manager, assistant buyer, head stylist, event coordinator, clothing model or distributor for the Bad Candy Boutique, simply fill out our online application form for review. If your application is successful, you will be expected to be available to travel to the USA, the UK, Asia and throughout Europe, all expenses paid, courtesy of Bad Candy:

The Bad Candy Boutique will be an online platform for designers around the world to professionally advertise, sell their work and gain massive exposure through Bad Candy’s huge fan base as well as having the opportunity to participate and showcase their work in our upcoming fashion shows. If you are a designer or you own a brand/shop/boutique and have creations/products that you would like to feature & sell on the Bad Candy Boutique, then please fill out our online product form found here: